Abacus Children's Academy

By: Nazneen R                                                                          03/12/2015        

Love this daycare. Very clean place and the staff is very helpful. Definitely recommended. 


By: Mark M                                                                                  09/23/2014

I can only begin to say that I am extremely happy with this school.I live in Manor and to be honest nothing matched the profile of this school when I compared other places, as this school is by far the best.The owners are accommodating and very helpful all the staff is friendly and professional. I have feedback about my daughter who is in Infant Care everyday and I feel that they play a huge part in her life. As parents we need to be mindful and grateful of these thing, I appreciate everything they all do at Abacus and I am so much peace when I leave her there each morning. Thank you so much for all that you all do!



By: Mike Burn                                                                              October 2013

We are delighted at having our child attend Abacus. She is learning and excelling very fast. I cannot say enough positive things about this school. I would recommend anyone to take their kids to this school if you want excellent academic, confidence skills. The Owner, Director and Teachers are all great people and a nice family environment is always present, they teach in a gentle and Christian way. My son just graduated from here and he has come a long way from when he started out at Abacus 3 years ago, I know our little girl will go leaps and bounds too. Highly advised to go meet them and enroll.




  By: Christina B                                                                                09/17/2013 

My oldest son entered his 4th week of public Kindergarten this week and his teacher has been so impressed with how well-prepared he was! He is well ahead of many kids in his class, in reading, writing, math, etc. I also have to mention that not only does Abacus prepare the kids with all the fundamentals of a good education, the wonderful teachers (Hi Miss Tiffany!) also work on social and environmental development-teaching the kids to respect one another and public space and property, basics like tying their shoes, thorough hand washing, etc-things that carry over to every aspect of life are instilled in the kids for which I am so grateful. I recommend Abacus whenever I have the chance, for a school that is so much more than a daycare. My youngest son still attends and he is right behind my oldest to be on track for a successful entrance to public school next year as well :)  




  By: Donna P                                                                                   08/29/2013

We have enrolled our son here since January 2013. Since I had a nanny at my home with him for almost 2 years, deciding when and where to place him in a preschool setting was not easy. I am a control freak and very particular if that helps. I am also in the medical field so I worry about issues that other parents probably do not think about besides the normal child safety and development of course. I was not in any hurry or needed to place my son for daycare purposes but wanted a preschool environment. I was very pleased when I saw the curriculum and when I went for a tour. The director and her husband are extremely professional and very kind. They are also particular and stern with the rules. No one should be faulted for that because they sincerely have the children's best interest at heart. I have never had a bad encounter with the owners, teachers, or aids. My son has learned many things including songs, numbers, letters, Spanish, how to spell his name, and various social and academic skills. My husband picks him up most days and is always pleased with his encounters with the teachers because they update him on daily events. I also have a baby girl, and when I feel that she is ready for the social interaction, I will be enrolling her as well. I found this school from referral from another parent in our neighborhood and they have been very pleased as well. I love the small school ratio also, which helps with personal attention and also LESS germ exposure since kids and kids! This facility is without a doubt excellent. I would think that for any parent, to have the peace in your heart to know that your child not only safe but well taken care of and gets to learn new things while you are away at work is what any good parent only hopes. I have this peace in my heart when I drop him off each morning. I am thankful that everyone there has a true heart for caring for children.


  By Mark                                                                                               04/17/2013

Our 1st child started at Abacus at 3 months old, we have loved it there, 2 years on we have our 2nd child starting this August and it's awesome to have my children attend this center know that they are in safe hands. Not to forget that they are helping us raise our children and respectfully are doing a wonderful job!


  By: Samantha                                                                                     05/04/2012

I have my 2 children enrolled here and I am glad I found this Pre school. The teachers are wonderful and the owners are helpful and accommodating. My children are cared for and they come home with so much that they have learnt.


  By: Wayland Harrison                                                                        03/28/2012

My son has been a part of 4 of the best PreSchools in the Pflugerville area, all of which he had "problems" with. He has been at Abacus 1 month and it looks like a Miracle has been worked!!


  By: Christina B                                                                                  03/13/2012

My 2 boys have been coming to Abacus since August 2011. We had some financial issues so I had to take them out briefly and since they've been re-enrolled the different in their manners (praying before all meals, etc) and how well they stick to a schedule have both dramatically improved. They practice reading, writing, math, ect and have shown great improvement in all area. I'd highly recommend Abacus. I'm very satisfied and my children will continue to attend here until they're school aged, and I will send them off to elementary school with confidence that Abacus has helped them become extremely well-prepared.


  By: Emerald I                                                                                    01/03/2012

My girls attended this Preschool and in a matter of wks my 2yr old was saying prayers and ABC's I do know they have a passion for this and an ability to help the children learn so much even before they start public/private school. I will always have nothing but great things to say about this Preschool. I highly recommend it!!


  By: Mrs M                                                                                        10/07/2011

My 2 daughters have attended this school for the last 2 years. My older daughter started kindergarten this fall and she is already reading. My younger daughter who will start kindergarten next fall is sounding out words and can write her numbers very well. Not only does this school teach the bible and Christian principles like being kind, respectful and having self control, they also work very hard to teach math, reading and other age appropriate material. The teachers are calm and loving yet firm. It is family owned by very nice people who oversee everything very carefully. I highly recommend this preschool!


  By Marie Mathews                                                                            07/26/2011

I would give a 5 star to this preschool, not because my son goes here but because the preschool has to be known for the work and effort that goes into their preparation on preparing children, for way above kindergarten level. My son has been able to read in 4 months WOW! and I am delighted. Not a lot of people know this but the school has new owners and the school is providing a personal service. This is real teaching.

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