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Welcome to Abacus Children's Academy Website!

We are a Preschool and Infant Care Facility offering a child first curriculum that brings in the  essence of authentic Montessori teaching.

​We lightly touch on Montessori style, teaching life skills and encourage a love of learning through out the entire school.

​Abacus offers childcare from the tender ages of 6 weeks to 12 years

Children are our primary concern and our curriculum is broad and balanced to bring the best out in every child, we are a smaller school and personal to each and every family. Our environment and atmosphere is specifically designed to build children with exceptional assets in education and behavioral balance, our school is great for children who usually don't do well in large institutionalized settings.

​We do not operate like a day care and therefore have a learning approach to all aspects of your child's time at Abacus, we will always ensure that every family's experience is a happy one. 

"Our task is to Educate their (our students) whole being so they can face the future. We may not see the future, but they will and our job is to help them make something of it." ~~Sir Ken Robinson

What is Preschool?

The term 'preschool' means: a child's age and a type of curriculum.

Any program can call themselves a Preschool.

It's up to you to decide which is best for your child and does the Preschool hold a curriculum and actually teach it too.

Please note that due to security around our children we do not allow walk-in tours and suggest you contact our center to book an appointment. You would need to present a State Photo ID or Driving License before we can allow you into the building. 

Child-First Curriculum

We believe that every child is unique and will grow at his or her own pace. Our teachers spend time nurturing children’s strengths and encouraging them to reach new heights.

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