Abacus Children's Academy

"If you care at all, you'll get some results. If you care enough, you"ll get incredible results"

 As a parent myself, I want the very best for my child and what is that I ask myself? I was concerned about how they would perform academically and socially when they entered our public school in first grade. I can be sure and clear that my values and goals all point towards a structured environment and a well rounded education for my child.

The goals I want are tough maybe but not impossible if I look around and find the right place. When I take into consideration where I want my child to go it has to be a place that will recognize the talent and skill my child brings with him/her. 

 What qualities do I look for in an educational facility?

What are my top 3 requirements?

These are some of my priorities and as a parent, what are yours?

 Looking at what I wanted for my children and could not find it anywhere I decided upon creating a Academy with a Montessori Essence that had the academic and social structure.

​​Now that I have that, and many years on I can help other parents find their way here so that their children have every opportunity to be challenged, explore and develop, be ready to be confident young people too. 

​Ever since I first started an Academy for Learning my husband and I wanted to ensure that nothing was missing or left undone, We wanted parents to feel comfortable in this environment so that their child would too be happy and taken care of. We have developed our preschool atmosphere to where it provides the Caring Hearts, and teaching right from wrong, making an impact on our families so that we have well rounded children that we can proudly say have been to Abacus and built a firm foundation.

 We are new to Austin,Texas and have a vision to provide high quality care and learning second to none. From individualized care and personalized learning plans we look forward to working with you.


Abacus Children's Academy

A Thought from the Director