Abacus Children's Academy

Please note that due to security around our children we do not allow walk-in tours and suggest you contact our center to book an appointment. You would need to present a state Photo ID or Driving License before we can allow you into the building.

​Download Application here 

​You will be given forms where you describe your child, whether he/she has a favorite thing or has specific needs, this would all be addressed prior to enrollment. 

More information can be obtained from our office.     

This is an important factor as a child needs to be comfortable in his/her surrounding before they start, this is a small taster.

An application pack can be picked up from the office once you have decided to enroll or after your tour you can request a pack via e-mail.

When you enroll at Abacus you are require to provide all immunization records of your child and fill out an agreement with us as we are going to be caring for your child.

To enroll at Abacus, you would need to come by for a tour and meet with staff and director, be sure to bring your little one with you. 

You will be able to leave your child in his age group setting while you talk with the director, this will also give your child time to see what it is like to be at Abacus and for you to see how your child reacts to his/her first visit with us.  

Our Enrollment