Unique and personal to you and your child, we will ensure that we provide the best possible care you want, a home away from home. Our Infant care facility is designed to suit the needs of infants, creating a comforting environment.

Infants need space and attention which can not be compromised for anything else. That's where our philosophy in early childhood care differs to any other care facilities, We have teachers that will work with you on your child's daily routine when you first start at Abacus, they establish a happy and nurturing environment around your child and aim to deliver a service that you want.

We pride ourselves on the 1:1 care at our center and the fact that Infants lives have a large impact from their surroundings which is paramount that every child deserves the best care.

Early brain development and physical health in Infants is one of the main experiences in the early months of their lives, our teachers will build intellectual and social skills with your infant with reading and singing as just some of the activities to support the early childhood frame. Infant care at our facility works to every child's own needs, nap as and when needed, we help them make smooth transitions and let them know when change is coming, You can drop off with the peace of mind that your baby is in best of hands under the watchful eye of the Director all day. Infant room schedule is posted within our Preschool.

    Key Focus:

  • Language Development
  • Physical development
  • Social/Emotional Development
  • Cognitive Development
  • Sign language
  • Arts and Crafts

Infant Room

Abacus Children's Academy