Abacus Children's Academy

The management have spent many hours on extensive research for the well being of the child coming to the conclusion that environment makes a big impact on everyone especially a child. A young mind needs the care and attention so that it can strive to it's full potential, it is important to understand what is the aim of the facility in the interest of YOUR CHILD! 

"The Impact of Daycare compared to Preschool/Academy on Children’s Social Development"

Abacus continuously strives to provide a stable and secure environment for every

child in its care.
We look at the different centers that provide care to children across America and based on research we construct an environment that has only positive effects on a child.

Why we (Abacus)have a different approach to benefit your child?

Being a privately owned Preschool/Academy we run an Infant Care Facility, its aim is solely to provide a nurturing environment without any kind of adverse effect that will cause developmental issues in a child.

Recent study has shown that Day cares can have an adverse effect and it is crucial when choosing the care for your child as a parent priority must be the quality of care over money and how pretty the building is.

Day care refers to non-parental care of children who live with their parents. This means that foster care is not included, nor is residential care specialists would predict that the separation that occurs in daycare would adversely affect children's social development. On the other hand, a center that has set priority on quality and growth will encourage a more positive impact per child.
Studies show that children who attend a center where priority is the child’s social and emotional growth, and each child is individually helped, those children perform better in cognitive ability. Abacus Children’s Academy is a center that focuses on these skills.

 Early child care report published in New York in 2009 showed that children who are left in Day Cares and large Institutions (franchises) have aggressive behavior issues, the more daycare they received the more aggressive they were, 22% of children were more
aggressive compared to the 32% who had not been to daycare but had been attending Preschool/Academy’s and were structured with more attention and challenged with learning skills.
Similarly in day cares where infants were left for more than 10 hours a day and had no parental care in their waking hours were more likely to develop poorer intellectual abilities.

Abacus children’s academy encourages structure and devotes time to each child’s need.

We encourage parents to analyze their working hours and develop a working regime that suits their young baby so that nothing is missed upon. We try also to maintain a system where parents can receive feedback on how their child’s day went, communication is key when it comes to raising children in a positive and cultivated society.

You can pick from a 6 hour day to a full 11 hour day call us for further information

tuition will be discussed on tour.