Teachers at Abacus Children's Academy are selected through a meticulous and extensive process.

We hire only the best! ​Our Lead Teachers have to have a minimum of a Degree level education. They need to be fully clear of background checks and have no criminal history.

Lead Teachers come in to Abacus with the level of understanding that common sense and using initiative is second nature.

They are expected to have already attained CPR/First Aid Training that is valid.

We aim to provide all our teachers a good work ethic and we expect that they will in return work in harmony with management and each other.

We go on to train all our teachers each year for 24 clock hours of child development training. (Required by Licensing)  

We select only a few Teachers for specific training such as Vision, Hearing and Spinal Screening which qualifies them for 5 years to screen the children in our school using equipment and are required to report this to Dept of Health annually.

Our Lead Teachers are expected to be vigilant and self reporting along with managing the daily routine of every child in our care.

We train them on how to use the Abacus Curriculum and apply it to the Abacus Teaching Method.

Our Lead Teachers will communicate with all our parents and give feedback on a daily basis, these Teachers work very closely with The Director and take instructions to company policy very seriously.

Our Assistant Key Workers are expected to join Abacus with a minimum of a high school GED or equivalent qualification and at least 8 months of childcare experience. Though Abacus will train these key workers once they have started at the Academy.

Expectations are high for key workers also as they are the primary carers too and they to need to be able to work independently using initiative and training skills to apply to their daily work environment.

Key workers are staff that will manage the daily routine of the child along with nap time duty and housekeeping also. Key workers are expected to also be vigilant and quick paced.

Trainee Assistants are taken on from time to time for training purposes and help aid Lead Teachers just the same as Assistant Key Workers.

Abacus takes great care of staff and their working conditions.

Abacus Management only hire upon being fully vetted. Management will choose to let go of staff for the following reasons:

  • ​Insubordinate Behavior
  • Stealing from school supplies/staff or other
  • Background Check comes back with criminal or minor offences 
  • Being lazy Not being a good team player
  • Being late to work more than 2 times
  • Being absent without advance notice
  • No show to work
  • Not following through with 24 clock hours of training
  • Not providing adequate care to the children
  • Not following Licensing procedures
  • Not following Abacus Children's Academy procedures

Our Teachers

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