The Explorers 

Our part time program consists of 5 elements that we teach across the board.

As a parent you would need to know that Part time does mean that your child will not get all the curriculum taught and if you pick the minimum day package this would mean they would not be catching up with the pace of their peers who attend on a full time.

We are running Part time all week starting at 8am to 2pm or 9am to 3pm for ages 3 years and up.

3 days Monday Wednesday and Friday only  

4 days Monday Tuesday Wednesday and Thursday 

5 days Monday through Friday 


Our curriculum is designed to develop learn through exploring their environment, our focus is on ensuring they have both the academic and social aspect of the key developmental areas. As a part time child comes into our preschool we will facilitate on engaging them in sensory and manipulative skills, they will build a sense of security and express thoughts, we ensure each child has the opportunity to use equipment and build confidence throughout their time here at Abacus.

Part time helps build on 5 key point and those are:






Part Time Programs

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