Abacus Children's Academy

                The things we look at when we work with these children are: 

Self Esteem: Often children with a SE need have a lowered self-esteem, which means you will need to take every opportunity to boost self confidence and instill pride through a variety of straggles. 

Intellectual: Down's students usually face many intellectual challenges. Strategies that work for mildly affected students and or student with significant learning disabilities will also work with Down's students. Much literature have stated that most individuals with Down syndrome do not progress beyond the intellectual capabilities of a normal developing six to eight year old (Kliewer 1993). However, we always strive to move the child progressively along the learning continuum, never assume the child isn't capable. 

Solid intervention and high quality instructions have been proven to lead to improved academic achievement for Down's students. 

We use a modal approach which works best for all students. We also use as many concrete materials and real world authentic situations as is possible, along with language appropriate for student understanding and speak slowly when necessary. 

Short Attention Spans: Starting with smaller chunks of activities that help to support learning, we Introduce new material slowly, sequentially and in a step by step fashion which helps to ensure maximum learning occurs. 

Speech and Language: Down's students suffer from hearing difficulties and articulation problems. Sometimes they will require speech/language intervention and a great deal of direct instruction. In some cases, augmentative or facilitated communication is a good alternative for communication. We use patience and model appropriate interactions at all times. 

Today’s classroom has many special needs students, and the inclusional model is often the best model and one supported by research. The inclusive classroom lets all students learn what it means to be a full member of a school community. Treat all students as valued learners. 

Although many teachers do not have experience with Down's syndrome, they have been teaching these students very well for a long time. So why wait until your child is ready to go elementary. Start early and give them a step above the rest with quality to their life here at Abacus Children’s Academy. Let us make that diversity in your child’s life!Type your paragraph here.

We reach and teach the Down's student and inclusion is a good practice for these students. This also is often beneficial to many learners in the classroom. The environment is less likely to stigmatize and provide a much more natural environment for the students. 

There are more opportunities for peer relationships to occur and much of the research states that full integration works better. 

All the diversity in a child’s world.
Abacus has quality care when it comes to providing and enhancing mobility and aiding a child who has a special educational need to become independent.
We aim to make a real difference in the lives of these children when it come to the care and nurturing.
From Social skills to play skills, functional communication and much more a child that has so much potential to learn and develop amongst  children who are naturally able to play without the help or guidance of an adult.

We at Abacus believe that children with down’s syndrome or similar characteristics benefit from the strategies we use.

Special Education