Abacus Children's Academy

Our STEM Based Learning Program is entailed into a Curriculum it is based on Active Discovery and Hands on learning all activity based, children deserve the best possible start to support and reach their potential. We combine both traditional and modern learning techniques without making it too technical for the young minds.

 ACTIVE DISCOVERY Consists of the main 4 key points in STEM

Science, Technology, Engineering and Math. We however emphasis more on the Science, Engineering and Math aspect of STEM, enrichment begins with the basic and goes beyond as the child grows. 

We open labs on topic such as Ecology, Structures, Gravity, States of matter with the aim that each child will learn to his or her full potential in a very practical setting.

Please arrange your tour by calling us on 512 252 2704, your face to face at school with us will help you discus any questions you may have.

STEM Based Learning