"A Unique Environment"

The Lobby

When your in the front entrance chime into the noise around you, get a feel for the school and what goes on from our lobby.

If you hear the children you know they are involved in a fun activity and moments of quiet spells are either story teller (though that can be loud at times depending on what is being read) lunch time/nap time or a curricular based activity is taking place.

Whatever the noise you hear every school tells a story from their lobby!

Our Teachers

Teachers will probably be on their best behavior for your visit - but don't be upset if they don't even notice you;  they've got enough going on. But try to gauge their stress levels. An indicator of a healthy working relationship between school staff is one where everyone makes a point to just saying a friendly hello to one another. If you see this, then you know they are focused at what they do best.

If we do take new teachers on, it is very seldom but mainly due to retirement or moving on to pastures new. 

The Key Person approach is the way in which we ensure that each child has a strong relationship with an adult in the Preschool to support their emotional well-being.

By having a Key Person to your child the child knows that there is someone in particular taking care of them whilst they are away from their parents. When they have someone who gets to know them well and supports them in interacting with others their confidence and well-being is supported.

We hire only the best! We conduct background checks and ensure that all staff are fully trained above and beyond, as your child deserves the best!

"Structure within Abacus"

Starting with Infants at one end of the building the Academy structure works across into 4 core stages. We build our foundations right from Infant stage through to kindergarten. At 18 months we begin to prepare our children as they move up and advance into class. At 3 years they are ready to read small sentences and at 4/5 years they should be able to read small books. Classes are divided into 5 mainstream groups.

"1:1 and teacher lead classes" 

A particular emphasis is placed on enriching art, music and drama activities. Diverse approaches (literature circles; fiction, nonfiction and poetry readings; guided listening; mini lessons; teacher-student conferences) help students to form personal responses and express thoughts, to listen to and consider the opinions of peers — above all, to ask questions.


Abacus Children's Academy