Toddler's & Two's

Our toddlers engage in a variety of indoor and outdoor activities to promote their individuality as
well as their intellectual, social-emotional, sensory, and physical development. Classrooms are
open learning spaces, full of engaging toys and materials that create an environment rich with
learning experiences. Teachers in our toddler rooms encourage children to initiate a conversation
with a focus on language and social-emotional development.

Energy and Excitement at Abacus

These energetic little ones are growing and learning, so we channel their energy into positive learning moments by giving them ample room to move and explore. Here, toddlers receive encouragement and guidance toward the growth of their physical skills and emerging milestones:

Independent Learning at Abacus

A mobile, energetic 2-year-old enjoys the entire world as their playground. We’ve put together a unique educational approach that focuses their enthusiasm into opportunities for development, growth, and achievement. Here, 2-year-olds enjoy: