Abacus Children's Academy

The Abacus Children’s Academy Tuition Rates verses National, Regional
Centers and In-home Day Cares.

Childcare has been a costly extra on a family’s budget. At ABACUS we recognize that and we ensure that we keep your needs at heart. We plan our curriculum and activities going to great lengths and take the frill out of all the extra costs.

We offer a nurturing and caring environment that will cater for all ages regardless of age, sex or gender or belief. ​Abacus is unique to its teaching and learning style all the way across to tuition rates and working with our Parents.

Our Teachers are highly qualified and in-house trained to cater for all the needs of your child and offer our services to your satisfaction. With a unique curriculum, we keep in mind that all our children are incomparable and learn in different ways.

We plan learning suited to every child’s suitable goal. This combines a full 36-core curricular subject curriculum, which consists of Communication, Language and Literacy, Personal, Social Development, Emotional, Physical Care, Mathletics and Creativity.

​Our tuition is competitive with other well-known regional and national child care providers, our rates are better than in-home care.

We have Qualified & Exceptional Teachers fully back ground checked.
We have a Patented Curriculum to meet every child’s learning goal.
​Our classes are smaller and we do teach on a 1:1.

For our parents ease we have bi weekly payment options and offer sibling discounts along with company discounts. We take debit/credit cards and check. We also offer part time care dependent on child's age. We take into thought the financial difficulties of today’s time and set our rates at affordable and reasonable cost.

Abacus will not only care for your child, the professional environment will also provide an academic experience to last a lifetime, because if you have a strong foundation like we have, you can build or rebuild anything on it.

Tuition Varies by Class, Hours, Days more information can be obtained from the school when you Tour with us. 

Pick from 5 hour day to a full day. Whatever suits your need we have the package for you.

"Children are not casual guests in our home. They have been loaned to us temporarily for the purpose of loving them and instilling a foundation of values on which their future lives will be built".

​                                                                                                                James Dobson